1. Capacity building of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to engage the vulnerable Sri Lankan communities to adopt the “New Normalcy” through healthy life styles to prevent Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and infections such as COVID 19 - 2020.

Alliance Lanka is currently implementing the project with eight partner CSOs in six districts of Sri Lanka. 16 CSO staff and 40 community volunteers were trained to build their capacity to implement the project in the respective villages. A training curriculum / manual was formulated with support from medical officers of the Ministry of Health and a communication consultant. This is used at the community level together with information material provided by WHO and Ministry of Health to educate families at village level on NCDs and COVID 19. To date 4000 plus families have been reached to carry out activities aimed at preventing NCDs and COVID 19.

2. Promoting Healthy life styles to reduce the burden due to Non Communicable Diseases (NCDs) among selected vulnerable Sri Lankan communities through capacity building of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) - 2019.

Alliance Lanka implemented the project with eight partner CSOs in nine districts of Sri Lanka and reached out to 3,170 families in 38 Grama Niladhari Divisions (GNDs) in the selected districts. The Districts covered were: Colombo, Badulla, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Moneragla, Ranapura, Gampaha, Kurunegala and Kegalle. 16 CSO staff were trained to implement the project who were mobilized to work with communities and institutions in the selected locations. Medical Officers of the NCD units of the Ministry of Health, MOH officials and field level staff of Divisional Secretariats supported the project implementation at community level.


3. NCD prevention programmes at workplaces supported by NCD Alliance Lanka - 2017 to 2019

NCD prevention programmes at workplaces and communities supported by NCD Alliance Lanka were implemented in Mirihana, Kirillapone, Kurunegala and Maharagama Police, Communities in Colombo, and Moneragala districts. Blood screening for diabetes, Measurement for Blood pressure, BMI (D Body mass Index) carried out with support from MOH of the programme areas. Knowledge building sessions and assessments were conducted to reduce the prevalence of NCDs among 2156 target families covered in the programme.

4. Health Promotion Programme to prevent NCDs & HIV and AIDS Supported By Road Development Authority – iRoad Project - 2016/2017

During 2016 and 2017 Alliance Lanka implemented a health promotion programme to prevent HIV and AIDS and NCDs. This was carried out in association with the STD clinics and MOH offices of the Government and the Road Development Authority (RDA). These programmes included awareness sessions on STD, HIV and NCDs, blood sugar testing for diabetes, BMI measurement, Blood pressure measurement and examination of all participants by medical officers in the project locations for related illnesses. Financial support for the programmes conducted in the districts of Ratnapura, Kegalle, Puttalam and Kurunegala were provided by the Construction companies selected by RDA through Asian Development Bank (ADB) resources. The services included eight programmes reaching over 530 participants who were workers of eight construction companies in the four districts.

5. NCD programmes with communities supported by WHO – 2014

Alliance lanka Commenced implementing a programme to prevent Non Communicable Diseases (NCD) among selected communities in 10 districts of Sri Lanka in 2014 with support from WHO and in association with the NCD unit of the Ministry of Health. Ten Partner organizations of Alliance Lanka are active in the field level through project activities guided by Alliance Lanka and the peripheral NCD units and MOH offices / hospitals of the ministry of health. The project is continuing to date. The project has a comprehensive activity plan to promote peace and harmony within families and communities while linking them up with state and other institutions for continuity of support. The project has been able to promote women and girls to take on leadership roles to manage their families.

6. GFATM Project – 2008 – 2011

HIV prevention among plantation workers supported by The Global Fund through Ministry Of Health – as GFATM Project. Alliance Lanka was selected as the sub recipient by the Ministry of Healthcare and nutrition to implement the HIV prevention project among plantation workers with support and guidance from NSACP. The project covered its phase one of the Global fund grant and was implemented in 5 districts, Badulla, Ratnapura, Nuwara-eliya, Kandy and Matale, including 60 plantations. Project activities included: a KAP (Knowledge, Attitude and Practices) study; training and mobilizing Trainers, Counselors, and peer leaders; peer outreach programmes; Establishment and managing of VCT centres; Condom distribution, STI services and implementation of a planned, comprehensive communication strategy. Alliance Lanka was rated B 1 after the phase one assessment.

7. SARDM Project - supported by the World Bank – 2008/2009

Alliance Lanka was successful with the “Our Health” – Empowering communities to normalize HIV project addressing stigma and discrimination in a very stringent bidding process at the World Bank’s South Asia Region Development Market Place (SARDM) held firstly through online submissions and subsequently through presentations held in Mumbai, India. The project was implemented in three districts, Colombo, Gampaha and Kurunegala. Project activities included, holding Roadside Stands to promote awareness on STI/HIV, encouraging people to visit the peoples centres established and managed by three of Alliance Lanka’s partner NGOs, training HIV positive persons on positive living / Business planning etc. The 18 month project implemented during 2008/2009 was targeting 12,000 persons to obtain knowledge / information at roadside stands, 12 HIV positive persons were trained for self management and economic development. Actual performance was 12,321, persons and 54 HIV positive persons. In addition a video on life stories of HIV positive persons and an audio cassette with songs on HIV prevention have also been produced.

8. UNDOC Project H 13 - HIV Prevention among Drug Users – supported by UNODC – 2007 to 2010

Alliance Lanka implemented a HIV prevention programme with drug users and their sex partners from November 2007, covering the coastal areas from Dehiwala to Benthota including Badowita. The project was supported by UNODC and implemented in association and close supervision from SL Fongoada and the National Dangerous Drug Control Board (NDDCB) . Project activities included Rapid Situation Response Assessments, Community Outreach, Conducting 15 day residential camps and operating drop-in-centres. Alliance Lanka obtained the support of the NSACP and NDDCB during project implementation for Blood testing for HIV, STD treatment and Counseling services. Alliance Lanka’s target for the project included 793 drug users and 542 sex partners having regular contact with the drug users. 47 Injectors and 12 female drug users were also reached in the project. The achievements had far exceeded the targets.


9. CSO Capacity building programmes on Reproductive Health, HIV and AIDS supported by the Commonwealth Foundation – 2007

Alliance Lanka was selected as the lead organization working on HIV/AIDS in Asia by the Commonwealth Foundation, UK in 2007. As part of its activities with support from the Commonwealth Foundation, Alliance Lanka commenced a series of capacity building programmes for NGOs and civil society organizations (CSOs) in Sri Lanka to work effectively on HIV/AIDS. Over 150 NGOs/CSOs participated in five programmes conducted by Alliance Lanka from March to July 2007. The workshops were held in Colombo, Anuradhapura, Galle, Kandy and Ratnapura, providing opportunities to organizations based out of Colombo also to participate.
As part of the capacity building activities in the region, Alliance Lanka conducted a regional civil society workshop on HIV and AIDS for over 30 participants from the Commonwealth countries in Asia in April 2008. The workshop was supported by the Commonwealth foundation and was held in association with the Ministry of Healthcare and nutrition. Experienced resource persons from the Asian region, made valuable presentations at the three day workshop.

10. Report on Universal Access – supported by APCASO

Alliance Lanka conducted a research study on Universal Access in relation to HIV and AIDS in Sri Lanka with support from APCASO. Alliance  Lanka was supported nationally by the UNAIDS Sri Lanka office in the formulation of the report.

11. Translation and adaptation of Advocacy Tool kit

An Advocacy Took kit originally developed by Asia Pacific Council of AIDS Service Organisations (APCASO) was translated into Sinhala and Tamil by Alliance Lanka in 2011, with support from the Commonwealth Foundation. In order to build capacity of civil society organizations in using the tool kit a workshop was held in conjunction with the launch of the tool kit to educate NGO partners on the contents covered in the four manuals of the tool kit. Officials from UNAIDS, NSACP and the NDDCB were present at the launch.

12. International Candlelight Memorial and World AIDS Day Programme


Every year, Alliance Lanka organizes these events together with its partner NGOs/CBOs. In 2012, Alliance Lanka organized an alms giving activity to inmates of an elders home located in Mattegoda.

In 2011, Alliance Lanka organized a health awareness programme and a blood testing campaign for Sexually transmitted infections among drug users in the district of Colombo in association with the STD clinic in Kalubowila – Colombo north Teaching Hospital.

In 2011 Alliance Lanka supported children of HIV affected families through distribution of school books and stationery to commemorate World AIDS Day. The event supported by UNAIDS and Commonwealth Foundation was conducted in association with the AGA Office Maharagama and held at their conference hall.

13. Research study in 2012 on Millenium Development Goal (MDG) achievement

Conducted a research in 2012 on Millenium Development Goal (MDG) achievement in Sri Lanka (Breaking Point Project) with support from the Commonwealth Foundation. During December 2012 a national consultation was organized and a two day workshop was conducted in January 2013 to validate data and identify gaps in the research report.

14. Study on Gender Mainstreaming with support from UNIDO

With support from UNIDO, conducted a study on Gender mainstreaming in the industrial sector of Sri Lanka and developed strategies to incorporate Gender mainstreaming into activities of the National Cleaner Production Centre 2013.

15.  Contribution through Important meetings

a. Participated in the Global Fund SEA Constituency retreat and pre Board meeting in November 2010 at Kathmandu, Nepal.
b. Executive Director participated in APCASO 4th Regional Management Meeting from 14th to 17th January 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
c. Participated at the Focal point meeting of APCASO in Bangkok in 2012.
d. Participated at the All Africa Parliamentarians conference and Inception workshop of the Breaking Point Research project on MDG achievement, organized by the Commonwealth Foundation in May 2012 held at UN centre, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
e. Participated in the workshop on “optimizing HIV treatment access and retention in care” : linking community level interventions with health care delivery systems, orgnaised by WHO, UNAIDS Asia Pacific Network of People living with HIV/AIDS (APN+ ) and the PANGAEA Global AIDS Foundation – 18th to 20th September 2012, held in Bangkok, Thailand
f. Participated in the SEAR constituency meeting held in Bangladesh 2014 organised by the Global Fund/CCM secretariat .
g. As a member of the CCM and the oversight committee of the Global Fund, participated in meetings with adequate contribution towards CSO involvement especially related to Key Affected populations – 2002 – to date
h. Participated in meetings of WHO related to the establishment of the NCD Alliance – 2014- to date